How To Choose The Right Recipes For You And Your Family
Everything you need TO KNOW to choose The best recipes FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
Do you...

… have Pinterest boards filled with recipes you’ve never tried?

… buy food for recipes you never make?

… have a fridge full of food but nothing to eat?

Then you need The Recipe Box, a step-by-step Masterclass that teaches you how to pick recipes that work with your family’s food preferences and lifestyle!

What will you get?
  •  10 Things You Need To Know:  Some important things to know about searching for recipes.
  •  Search Tips: Tips, tricks, and hacks to use while looking for recipes online or in cookbooks.
  •  The Meal Planning Assessment: A 10-question quiz to establish your personal needs, desires, time restraints, and cooking abilities.
  •  The Recipe Designer: A formula to create your search terms before looking for recipes.
  •  The Dinner Menu: An editable menu template that you can customize with your week’s dinners.
  •  BONUS: Karen's Kitchen Hacks
  •  BONUS: Essential Kitchen Tools
  •  BONUS: Sample Dinner Menu
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